What is the “Gospel”?

             The word “gospel” is a contraction of the Old English words “God Spell”, meaning “good news.”  It is usually translated directly from words in the New Testament that literally mean “good news” or “good message” and it is exactly that.  It is used by the authors of the Bible to reference the redemptive story of God’s salvation of mankind in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  It’s our story.

Statement of Faith

Article I

      God is eternally one God - eternally existent as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Article II

       God created the entire universe with purpose and perfection.  He specifically honored the creation of human beings with the design of relationship. Made to be in perfect relationship with God.

Article III

        All of us make mistakes. We all rebel against the perfection and love offered to us along the way. This is the beautiful doctrine of sin wherein we all alike need redemption and unconditional love. King and peasant, rich and poor, powerful and meek are equal in our need for love and equal in how much we are loved.

Article IV

        Whereas humans are incapable of restoring this broken relationship, God is not.  God has unconditional, perfect parental love for every human being and therefore provides a way for a restoration of the perfect relationship.  In the Incarnation (God becoming flesh), God is revealed to the world as Jesus Christ, fully God and fully Human, and lived the only perfect life.  He ultimately took the violence of sin and mankind upon Himself by allowing humans put Him to death by way of crucifixion. Jesus death on the cross is the only way by which we might be saved and restored into the unconditional love relationship with our true Father.

Article V

        Death could not and cannot contain God.  Jesus resurrected in bodily form from tomb and was seen by over 500 witnesses alive over a 40 day period, several of whom were martyred for their testimony that they had seen him alive after his death, unwilling to recant.  Jesus remains alive and active in our lives as Saviour, High Priest, and Intercessor.

Article VI

        God the Holy Spirit is the living acting revelation of God in his living body, the church. All believers who have confessed their need for God because of sin, and who have accepted the free gift of forgiveness through Jesus, have full access to the Spirit (literally "wind") of God. It is the Spirit who lives and works among us and allows us to live lives of significance, with eternal purpose, in restored relationship with our loving Creator. God's Spirit has inspired the living scriptures of God, both Old and New Testaments - the revelation of who God is.

Article VII

         God has chosen we fallen humans, jars of clay, to carry the message of love and redemption to the entire world.  The body of Christ, the Church, consisting of many members from many gatherings all over the world with various gifts from God, collectively are truly the hands and feet of our loving God to a very broken and needy world.