The Commons offers pastoral counseling on a case-by-case basis but also refers those seeking on-going counseling to other counselors.


Cultivate Counseling Therapists

The journey towards change always begins with courage -- courage to tell your story, courage to believe that things can be different. Cultivate Counseling was founded on the belief that hope is cultivated by courage and that with hope humans have the capacity for healing, growth and change. The journey is not easy and it takes hard work, Cultivate Counseling is a place where individuals can talk about the hardships they face and find new tools to address the challenges that arise. We always start with exactly where you are. We look at how your life is being impacted in the present moment and move out from there. It would be an honor to walk alongside you on your journey from courage to hope. 

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Born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ, Cody takes great pride in treating the community’s behavioral health needs. Following a stint in Los Angeles, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, shelved books, and served spaghetti, he returned to Flagstaff and earned his MA and PhD in Counseling Psychology from what is commonly known as, ‘Harvard of the West’… Northern Arizona University.  While earning his MA and PhD, he worked at The Guidance Center for nine years in a variety of roles geared toward treating general mental health and substance use disorders. During that time he became a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Psychologist in the state of Arizona. In April 2018, he joined Flagstaff Counseling Center as a partner. 

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