Middle School Students: There is an optional meeting time for middle school students that happens during our Sunday service. After the first set of songs middle school students are dismissed to meet their leaders and have a service made just for them. For the school year 2018-2019, 5th graders are welcome into the middle school group. For more info email Gretta Miller.

High School Students: High School Ministry is a group of leaders and students forming friendships, living life together, and learning about the love of Jesus. It's a place where any high school student is welcome to come and hear how known, wanted, and loved they are. We will consistently share the good news of the Gospel, discuss how to navigate life and relationships, and together chase the fullness of life that God offers. High School Ministry meets on Wednesday evenings at The Commons office or in someones home. For more info contact Gwynn Mertz at 520-955-3162.

College Students: We have community groups designed just for you! Occasionally we have all of our college/young adult community groups get together for events. If you are wanting to connect with a group email Cari Chamberlain.