The Commons Community Groups are small gatherings of people who are learning to be like Jesus. We ask all of our groups to be built around these five core principles: caring for each other, studying with each other, praying with each other, eating with each other, and serving with each other.

Some of our groups are at capacity or in the middle of a study, and for that reason they are currently not listed. Below is our list of groups that are ready for visitors and would love to connect with you!


Co-Ed Groups

Every other Wednesday at 7pm (Co-Ed)

Location: The Bressler’s Home

Contact: Jannette Bressler EMAIL JANNETTE

Every other Monday at 7pm (Co-Ed)

Location: Rotating

Contact: Cassie Luke EMAIL CASSIE

Every other Tuesday at 6pm (Co-Ed)

Location: The Fields Home

Contact: Holland Fields EMAIL HOLLAND


Every Monday at 6pm (Co-Ed College-Aged Adventure Group)

Location: The Commons Downtown Office (may vary)

Contact: Landon 623-302-3148, Joelle 619-971-3197

Women’s Groups

Every Tuesday at Noon (Women’s Book Club)

Location: The Commons Downtown Office

Contact: Joy Petersen, EMAIL JOY

Every Wednesday at 6:45pm (College Women)

Location: Emily’s House

Contact: Emily Atkinson, 520-869-9444

Men’s Groups

Every other Wednesday at 7:30pm (All Ages)

Location: Jay Rominger’s House

Contact: Austin Kaiser, 480-272-0918

If you have any questions about what group you should attend or are considering starting a new group Email Cari Chamberlain.